INFOGRAPHIC A Guide to Travel: Thailand

INFOGRAPHIC A Guide to Travel: Thailand

Dreaming of Thailand? You aren’t alone! For the top tips for first-time travellers to Thailand, we’ve rounded up all there is to know in one easy guide.

While every country in Southeast Asia has attributes making them both amazing and distinct, Thailand has always been Southeast Asia’s “golden child” when it comes to travel – and for good reason!

It’s difficult to find a viable contender anywhere in the world that can compete with Thailand. You may never find a country that offers as much culture, scenery, adventure and relaxation as the vast and beautiful nation of Thailand.

For first-time visitors, it can be hard to wrap your head around all that the country has to offer. Here to make planning a little easier, we’ve got everything that a first-time visitor needs to know!

Beaches and the Southern Islands

For virtually anything else, though, Thailand is simply hard to beat. If you’re looking for great beaches, Thailand’s got two distinct coastlines to choose from. If you’re in the mood for dramatic scenery and abundant opportunity for adventure head to the Andaman Coastline, where crystal-clear waters in places like Phi Phi Island and Krabi are riddled with towering jungle-clad limestone formations.

Alternatively, you can head to the other side of Thailand’s isthmus to the Gulf of Thailand where azure waters lap onto sugary white-sand beaches fringed with palm trees in places like Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

Those looking for something beyond the beach don’t have far to go. Check out the world-class wildlife-spotting destinations in Khao Sok or Khao Yai National Park, where you stand a reasonable chance of spotting anything from wild elephants and tigers to lanky tree-swinging gibbons.

Central and Northern Cities

More of a culture and history person? Thailand’s got you covered. As the only country in the region to have never been occupied by a western nation, Thailand is home to what is arguably the region’s most pristine culture. Combined with the friendly and laid-back demeanor of many Thai people, most travellers end up agreeing that the people of Thailand are one of its biggest draw.

Thailand is also home to some of the region’s most spectacular temples. Pay a visit to Wat Arun or the Grand Palace of Bangkok, head to the ancient capital of Ayutthaya, or visit any of the thousands of cultural relics in the country, and you’ll soon see that Thailand has few peers when it comes to the sheer depth and splendour of its cultural heritage.

If you’re more into urban exploration Thailand, again, has trump cards to spare in the game of tourism in the region. Bangkok, officially world’s most visited city, is not only a business center and transport hub, but a legitimate travel destination unto itself. With more shopping malls than you can shake a stick at –and variety, to boot, from authentic handicrafts to chic global fashion brands, Bangkok is a global shopping mecca.

The Capital, Bangkok

The mere utterance of the name “Bangkok” conjures images of frenetic nightlife –and it’s a reputation that’s well deserved. From practically anywhere in the massive city, you’re never further than a short tuk-tuk ride away from something fun to do after dark. From a massive selection of unbelievable rooftop bars to the infamous alleys of Khao San Road and the innumerable museums, temples, restaurants, and chic cafes in between, there is virtually endless opportunity for having a good time.

Not to be forgotten, if you’re into city exploration, there’s also the northern hub of Chiang Mai, which has a unique “Lanna” culture, beautiful temples, mountain scenery, and is also within close proximity to tribes of colorful ethnic communities. If you’re heading South from Bangkok there’s also the island metropolis of Phuket, which has some of the country’s most vibrant nightlife and some of its most beautiful beaches.

No matter where you go in Thailand, there really is something for everyone. Whether it’s the culture, beaches, mountains, or cities that bring you there, if you’re like the vast majority of travelers who go there, you’ll love it and will be itching for another go-around afterwards. With one of the highest return-visitor percentages in the world, the numbers can vouch for this fact -over 50% of first-time visitors to Thailand will return for another go at it.

So whether it’s your first time in the wonderful Kingdom of Thailand or you’re a seasoned veteran who just needs to brush up on some of the basics, this infographic is a handy little tool to get you started planning your adventure there.


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