Luxury Travel In Tibet

Luxury Travel In Tibet

Traveling in Tibet is an incredible experience. This tiny Himalayan kingdom offers travelers pristine wilderness, stunning treks amongst jagged peaks, awe-inspiring monastery visits, and insight into one of the most mesmerizing cultures on earth. Here you will find a culture that is interwoven with Tibetan Buddhism in a way that makes luxury travel in Tibet a one-of-a-kind experience.
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Absolute Travel’s tours of Tibet showcase the pure beauty of the region and the local people that call the region home.
Luxury Travel In Tibet

For many travelers, Tibet is the ultimate destination. For years, due to political and geographic reasons, this high altitude desert was inaccessible; now, the Himalayan Kingdom is open to visitors wishing to tour Tibet’s corners. Stretching from the forested hills just west of Chengdu to the holy Mount Kailash, Tibet’s landscape is broad and varied. Gyantse’s Kumbum is a world treasure, adorned with fabulous 15th century Newari murals. Shigatse is the seat of the Panchen Lama; it draws pilgrims from throughout the country and has often been the site of political intrigue. Tsedong, just outside Lhasa, makes an ideal introduction to the country and its monastic traditions. On your private luxury travel in Tibet explore the fortress massif of Samye monastery and the Valley of Kings before heading to Lhasa’s bustling markets, sacred temples and ornate palaces. The massive monastic cities of Sera and Drepung, outside of Lhasa, are open to exploration and are currently being rebuilt after the destruction of the Cultural Revolution and years of neglect. And while the Panchen Lama may lack the Dalai Lama’s worldwide recognition, this second-in-command is actually an integral part of Tibetan culture and many Tibet tours will stop in Shigatse, where the Panchen Lamas once resided.
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Travelers who fear that they are supporting the Chinese regime by taking a luxury Tibet vacation can rest assured that that Dalai Lama himself strongly encourages foreigners to visit this magical place, not only to see the situation firsthand but also to feel the warm and welcoming presence of the Tibetan people.

Absolute Travel’s private Tibet luxury travel tours are backed by the knowledge and security of staffers. Our access, firsthand knowledge of the region, and personalization of every Tibet vacation we design will ensure your journey is a truly unforgettable experience.

Highlighted Experiences

  • While it may not be the most enjoyable experience, no Tibet tour is complete without sampling Tibetan butter tea, an astonishingly salty mix of black tea and Tibetan butter.
  • Tibet tours will take you to Tsedong, where you will marvel at the magical beauty and vibrant colors. Located just outside Lhasa, this site is the perfect introduction to the country and its monastic traditions.
  • Luxury travel in Tibet means a stop at the Gyantse’s Kumbum, a multi-story Buddhist chapel that was commissioned by a Gyantse prince and is adorned with 15th century Newari murals.
Tsedong Samye Gyantse Shigatse Lhasa Tsurphu Ganden Drepung

This leisurely program allows you to fully absorb the immensity of Tibet’s awesome history and landscape, and the rich symbolic detail of her monastic art, at a relaxed pace. Start with two nights in the Tsedong region, touring Samye and Rechungbuk monasteries and the Valley of Kings. Return to Lhasa, from which point you will visit Sera Monastery and Norbulingkha, once the summer palace of the Dalai Lamas. From Lhasa, drive to Shigatse to visit Tashulunpo and Shalu monasteries. After Shigatse, continue to Gyantse, and explore the Pelkor Chode Monastery and Kumbum....

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16 days from $10,130 pp

China and Tibet have a long and rather complicated relationship, to say the least; this tour attempts to introduce travelers to both with an eye to each’s distinct history and...

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12 days from $7260 pp

This leisurely program allows you to fully absorb the immensity of Tibet’s awesome history and landscape, and the rich symbolic detail of her monastic art, at a relaxed pace....

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Lhasa In Depth
5 days from $3250 pp

Experience Lhasa’s central attractions and its surrounding monasteries on this five-day tour. Your first full day in Lhasa, drive to the Sera Monastery, where impressive rock...

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Land Of The Gods
8 days from $4150 pp

This eight-day program takes visitors to the many attractions of Lhasa and the great monastic cities of Gyantse and Shigatse. Start in Lhasa for three nights. While here, tour...

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