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Natural Beauty Of Mongolia

The Experience

Spend two weeks thoroughly immersed in the full spectrum of Mongolia’s traditional culture and ethereal natural beauty. Begin in Ulaanbaatar, where you will visit Gandan monastery, the National Museum, and the Natural History Museum. Also visit the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum, which houses one of the world’s finest collections of Buddhist art and artifacts. Fly next to Muron for a three-night stay in gers that perch on the banks of the pristine Lake Hovsgol. Ride horses, visit nearby nomadic communities, or fish in the clear water. Return to Ulaanbaatar for your trip to the Gobi. Contrary to popular belief, this famous desert is actually teeming with life: lush green valleys are home to mountain goats and eagles and hardy plants manage to survive the heat and dry weather. Visit the paleontological sites where giant dinosaur fossils have been found before returning to Ulaanbaatar. Visit the Hustain Nuruu Reserve, where the last remaining species of wild horse, the Takhi (commonly known as Przewalski’s Horse), is being reintroduced into the wild by a Dutch organization. Visit to Hogno Han and then the many splendors of Kharakhorum, where the Mongol Empire flourished in the 13th century. Visit nearby Erdene Zuu and Zanabazar monasteries and then return to Ulaanbaatar for one night before your departure flight.

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