Wellness Retreats

Absolute Asia carefully selects wellness retreat destinations with a deep sense of serenity and a palpable spiritual energy. We have scoured the globe for the most rewarding and rejuvenating luxury wellness vacations and experiences, and we can tailor private retreat journeys to suite all levels of interest.

Our private, customized wellness retreats will reconnect you to your mind, body, and spirit in some of the world’s most breathtaking places. We invite you to partake in sacred rituals alongside the Kalahari’s Shamans, rebalance your body with private yoga classes in ancient Indian temples, refocus your mind as you chant with monks in Bhutan, and partake in healing practices such as massage, Reiki, and soaking in hot springs at luxurious onsens throughout the Japanese countryside. Whether you find yourself meditating in the foothills of the Himalayas, or engulfed in the peaceful solitude of Botswana’s saltpans, our wellness vacations will take you on an adventure of purpose, power, and personal renewal.

Like all of our trips, our wellness vacations are specifically tailored to meet your needs, interests, and goals, and our itineraries are full of unique and enriching experiences that no other luxury travel company can offer. We can arrange longer trips that are completely focused on wellness travel or a specific practice, such as yoga, or we can weave meditation, detox, yoga, or a wellness resort and spa into a more traditional adventure.

India is many traveler’s first choice for a luxury wellness retreat, and with good reason. This is a deeply spiritual country where devotion and beauty are simply a part of daily life. Here, you can visit ancient monasteries, watch pilgrims wash away their sins in the Ganges, learn Sanskrit at an Ashram, or detox at luxury wellness spa retreat, such as the Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort, where you will enjoy daily rejuvenating body treatments, vegetarian meals, visit local villages, and relax on the beach.

The lush island paradise of Bali is made for indulgent, and responsible, wellness retreats. Here, you’ll meet with religious elders in small villages, witness traditional religious ceremonies, and stay at wellness spas where you can take sunrise yoga classes, contemplative walks through glistening rice paddies, and hike to remote Balinese temples for private meditation sessions that will clear your mind and fill you with gratitude for the world’s abundance and beauty.

Our wellness retreats help you relax, shift your perspective, and think deeply about yourself and the world. Here are some of our favorite destinations, and a few of the transformative experiences you can have there:

India: One of our most unique wellness vacation opportunities brings you to Jaipur, India, where you’ll meet a well-known healing expert who will guide you in pranic healing, meditation, and help you access your past lives.

South Africa: A wellness retreat in South Africa can bring you to the evocative and awe-inspiring Kalahari desert, where your days will be spent learning about traditional healing, and your nights will be spent gathered around a fire while Bushmen lose themselves in trance dance rituals.

Myanmar: In Bagan, you can meditate among miles of ancient temples that dot the banks of the Irrawaddy River. This is a deeply spiritual and surreally beautiful Buddhist wonderland. Myanmar’s incredible history and religious sites make it an endlessly inspiring country for a wellness vacation.

Bali: Bali is an excellent place for a wellness retreat because it has colorful temples, verdant scenery, gracious people, and wealth of adventure and cultural activities. In lush, serene Tugu, you can learn about the ancient healing properties of spices, and have the chance to create your own rejuvenation elixir out of traditional ingredients.

We’d love to discuss our wellness retreats with you, and to learn about the kind of journey you’re looking to take. There are so many more options than we’ve listed here. Give us a call, and we’ll happily share them with you.

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